Analog or Digital?

Sorry, didn't spent much time on boardgame sessions lately, maybe just twice a month I think. My free time were heavily invested into PC gaming.

For the past 6-9 months, I've beaten a few games, included:
1. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (single player campaign)
2. Sid Meier's Civilization 5 (tried a lot of different civilizations with different winning conditions)
3. Fallout: New Vegas (at least 150+ hour on this)
4. Dragon Age: Origins (done with Rogue & Mage playthru)
5. Mass Effect 2
6. Plants vs. Zombies (I know, this is dull...)
7. Front Mission Evolved (the old TBS series are much better than this crap)

And guess what, my free time will be investing into PC gaming in the future. Currently in heavy rotation are:
1. Dead Space 2 (this game scared the shit out of me)
2. Crysis 2

Well, I'll still attend my boardgame session every Sunday if I have time or my friends free to come around and play, but everyone is just busy with their life. Hmm...

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