Hoity Toity

Date: 24-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: "Hoity Toity" (please refer to BGG for more info about this game) is a very old game, published about 20 years ago. It's a very light flavor family Set Collection game, which players try to collect as much art work pieces as possible and run around the board to be the first player reach the end. The game can be fun with a lot of players, like 5 or 6 players. But with only 3 players (Phang, Max & me), it was kind of dull. ET didn't join us for this game becos she's having her dinner during that period. I watched a tutorial video about this game before, so I teached Phang & Max to play this. It's very easy to teach, can be teach within 5 minutes and the game takes time less than 60 minutes, a great filler game. Anyway, we don't really enjoy this game as much as the other more involve games. Play this with your family would be a great idea but to us, we prefer more cut-throat style of games.

Result: Phang def Max & me.

The game board is small and not much components inside the box, it can be play anywhere actually.

There is some little strategy involve in this game and it's light in flavor. You have to read other players' mind and trying to figure out where are they going and what are they trying to do next. That's the meat of the game. It can be fun if with a lot of players.

In the end, Phang left Max (purple) & me (red) way way far ahead and claimed the victory. Max & me were still wondering around and done nothing.

Phang (black) won the game.

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