Shadows over Camelot

Date: 24-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: We (Phang, Max, ET & me) played a 4 players game of "Shadows over Camelot", with the Traitor variant. All of us enjoy a game with traitor in it and everyone's moves is very suspicious, and it's fun. I'm a total royal knight, no one will doubt it, as well as Phang. Both of us work hand in hand to fight off the Siege Engines & work hard to pursuit all the quests. Max & ET are the suspicious ones, both of them are doing nothing but wasting turns and cards. Max turns out really suspicious near the game end and ET starting to doing okay near the game end, it make us all think that Max is the traitor. So ET used one of her action to accused Max is the traitor, Max reveal his Royalty Card, and he turns out to be the good guy! Man, So who is the traitor? Siege Engines were not the main problem to Camelot but the black swords on the table are starting to look ugly. ET revealed herself as the traitor and turn the final 2 white swords into black and make us lose. She does surprised us but not Max, I think. It was a tense game and we enjoy it so much. Too bad, it's about the closing time for Mage Cafe and we can't start another new round and we called it a day after this game.

Result: Traitor (ET) def Royal Knights (Phang, Max & me)

The game start and problems kept on coming and won't let us rest for one single moment. Intense gameplay!

Siege Engines were one of our problem but we can work it out easily.

Here is the main problem, the black swords.

Yes, this is the traitor to Camelot. Look at her face. Damn!

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