Date: 24-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: Yes, we played "Colosseum" again. This time, 2 round of 4 players game. We really like this game a lot and keep want it more. It's fun and quite cut-throat sometimes. ET, Phang & me played a 3 players game for the first game and Max join us for a 4 players game later.

P/S: This is my birthday, I celebrated it at Mage Cafe with some board games session. That's how I like it to be.

First game - Me (orange/winner) with 79 spectators, ET (blue) with 75 spectators and Phang (green) with 64 spectators.
Second game - Max (purple/winner) with 96 spectators, me (orange) with 72 spectators, Phang (green) with 71 spectators and ET (blue) with 56 spectators.

This is Phang's colosseum (green). He succeeded placing 4 playing pieces into his colosseum, but in the next player's turn, it all went out. It's just so funny, we all really enjoy that moment with a lot of laughter.

This is my colosseum (orange) at the last turn of the game. 3 Season Ticket Tokens, 3 Win Trophies, 2 Expansions and 1 Emperor Loge.

ET's colosseum (blue). As big as mine but not much Season Ticket Tokens as mine.

Phang, the loser, with only 64 spectators.

End game score for the first game. ET (blue) with 75 spectators and me (orange) with 79 spectators. That was close but I've won!

Second game results - ET (blue) with only 56 spectators. This is the lowest score we've ever played, I think.

Phang (green) with 71 spectators and me (orange) with 72 spectators.

Max, with 96 spectators! Damn! We win it with a big event held.

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