Date: 18-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: Max finally came. ET suggested we play "Shadows over Camelot" becos we got 4 players now and she likes the Hidden Traitor mechanic. In the end, we played "Colosseum". Again, Phang is the newbie here. Max teach him how to play, me & ET setting up the game. After 10 minutes, all ready to roll! This time, the cut-throat level rises with players, especially in the Event Asset Tokens auction area and Emperor/Consul/Senators dice rolling movement phase. Everyone trying to back-stab everyone and in the end no one succeeded producing the biggest event (there are small, medium and big events). Starting player token passing clockwise every turns and everyone got a chance to be the most pity player every turn. Starting player always got persecuted in the Emperor/Consul/Senators dice rolling movement phase and it is really hurt especially if you have already move 2 or 3 Emperor/Consul/Senators pieces into your colosseum and all other players move them away during their turns and you got nothing left in the end. The only good side of being the starting player is during the Investing Phase becos you are the first one who can choose and purchase the Event Tokens. Anyway, to conclude this, all 4 of us having a good time playing "Colosseum" and we can't wait for another round.

ET (blue) - 73 spectators (WINNER)
Phang (green) - 66 spectators
Max (purple) - 63 spectators
Me (red) - 45 spectators

The board during the second round.

The board of the final round of the game.

ET's colosseum at the end game.

My colosseum at the end game. I've wasted money to expand my colosseum becos I don't have enough money to purchase the biggest event token and of cos I don't have a lot of event asset tokens that was needed for the big event token.

End game scores.

The board at the end game.

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