Shadows over Camelot

Date: 27-06-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: Played "Shadows over Camelot" for the first time with 3 players (Phang, ET & me). We didn't used the "Traitor Variant" to test and be familiar with the rules. We played "Three Brave Knights" variant instead, as the Rule Book suggested. The game is not that interesting I guess, if without the "Traitor" in play, puzzle solving or crisis management mechanic works out way more better with "Pandemic", that means "Shadows over Camelot" is only OK if without the Traitor element. The rules are quite easy to pick up and the game play fast pace & smoothly, and we've tried 2 games of the "Three Brave Knights" variant, which we lose one and won one (cheated a bit). The game is very hard to beat and it's very new and challenging to me.

End game scores:
First game - Game def players (by placing 12 Siege Engines near Camelot)
Second game - Players def game (by placing more white swords than the black when the table is filled with 12 swords)

2 players work together to get the Excalibur sword asap.

We choose to place Siege Engines near Camelot instead of drawing the Black Cards from the deck during the "Progression of Evil" phase, and the Siege Engines are starting to surrounding Camelot very fast.

Not good, black swords are far more than the white.

This is how the board looks like before the end game of our first game. Just one more Siege Engine come in play and we will lose.

This is the board at the almost ending moment at our second game. We won by placing more white swords than the black. Hurray!

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