Date: 09-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: I'm the earliest person who arrived at The Mage Cafe, so I used the time to finish up the rulebook of "Kingsburg", although I've watched a tutorial video earlier on on the net, it was just a brief overview. When Max arrived, we started to play a 2 players variant game. Half way through, Jeremy arrived, so we cancelled the game and started a new one. Now it's a 3 players game. "Kingsburg" is a light/gateway Worker Placement mechanic based board game, combined both luck & strategy well (balance and fun), works out well with any number of players (2-5). It was fun to block off what your friends really wanted during the game, and yet have to balance out what you needed. We really have a lot of fun with this. In the end, I lose to them. :( I'm sure this game will hit the table very soon, if with the right group.

End game scores: Jeremy (Green) - 54 pts, Max (Red) - 43 pts & me (Black) - 35 pts

Nicely illustrated board.

This is the whole board and we used our rolled dice to do the worker placement phase.

My Building Sheet, can't finish building all 'cos not enough turns for me to do so. Only 5 years game turns, each year consist of 4 seasons (8 phases).

End game result.

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