Date: 18-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: A 3 players (Phang, ET & me) game of "Kingsburg", takes time around 30 minutes to finish this. Phang never play this before, so Ryan (shop owner) teach him how to play. Ryan wanted to join us for a 4 players game, but too bad there are so many customers came by at that time and he have to work. Phang always hated games with Dice Rolling for the main mechanic due to its heavy luck based, but he give it a shot anyway. "Kingsburg" is a moderate luck and light strategy game, you have to manage your dice rolled result, make good use of it even it is a bad rolled, this is where the fun came in. This is mostly like a gateway game to the casual gamers who haven't try out modern boardgames. For us, this is just a filler game while waiting for Max to drop by.

Results: Me (red/winner) - 24 pts, Phang (green) - 18 pts & ET (blue) - 16 pts

The board is just so colorful and the arts are just nicely illustrated, this really attracted me to play it.

Phang is trying to figure out how to make good use of his bad dice rolled.

My Building Sheet at the end game. 10 buildings constructed.

End game scores: me - 24, Phang - 18 and ET - 16.


  1. You won the game with only 10 buildings? I think in our game recently, each player had at least 12 buildings and I believe the winner had 14 buildings! Did you guys use a lot of dice to get straight up Victory Points or soldiers or what? We never bothered with those in our game. Everyone went straight for the building resources. The leading player won with 45 points. Did you not play the full five years? I see that someone won in another one of your games with 54 points, which is much more reasonable.

    Are you on Facebook? If so, photo proof:!/photo.php?pid=5822705&id=164637258652

  2. we consider a lot on the military strength. we didn't even bother building up buildings due to lack of resources we got.