Date: 09-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: Ryan (shop owner) join us (Jeremy, Max & me) for a 4 players "Goa" game, a strategy gameplay with moderate/low luck based board game. Ryan, Max & me played this before, so we teach Jeremy how to play this. This is a easy to teach game, new player (casual gamer) will pick it up within 10-15 minutes. This time I tried to play with a different strategy that different from my previous game and I've failed in the end. I can't balance out all the resources I needed and I've failed the last round auction phase which Max got all 4 Additional Action Cards, and that was big, extra 4 actions to spend. I kept all my Ducats (currency) to try to win the 3 VPs bonus (the player with the most money in the end game), I should have spend it all to outbid Max for those Additional Action Cards, which can let me do some more Development upgrades and Expedition Cards collection.

End game scores: Ryan (Green) - 48 pts, Max (Blue) - 35 pts, me (Red) - 30 pts & Jeremy (Yellow) - 25 pts

The board during mid game.

Jeremy's play area, with a 3 VPs Mission Tile and a 4 VPs tile (if he manage to discard 6 spices before the game end).

Max's play area with a lot of development upgraded.

Ryan's play area on the far side.

My play area which I managed to colonized all 4 colonies and only with 1 development that is upgraded to the maximum.

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