Date: 11-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: Max, ET & me played a 3 players "Colosseum" game, a game where each player is a Roman impresario, who owns a colosseum and tries to put on the best event. The game last for 5 rounds and each round split in 5 phases which are investing, acquiring event assets, trading event assets, producing an event & closing ceremonies. The player who puts on the biggest event with the most spectators wins the game. I've learned the game from a video through the internet and I'd even download the rule book from Days of Wonder's website and read through it. We finished the game within 90 minutes and it was fun. I've heard that this game has only one linear strategy to win and I've find out that is true after only 1 play, but I still like this game and will play it more often if got the chance.

End game scores:
Max (winner) - 91 spectators
Me - 76 spectators
ET - 73 spectators

The game starts!

Here is a view of the whole board and playing area.

The Emperor (red) which will bring 7 more spectators for you if you succeeded roll & move him into your colosseum. The Consul (blue) & the Senator (yellow) on the far side will bring you 5 & 3 spectators.

All the bits that comes with the game are just awesome. The money chips(from bottom), event tokens, the board, the Emperor/Consul/Senator pieces & the dice are all in top notch quality production like what "Days of Wonder" always delivered.

These are my event asset tokens which needed to put on a good show. Any missing pieces for the need of the event will decease my incoming spectators (VPs).

This is my colosseum (green) and the tiles laying in the center board area are the auction market.

You can roll 2 dice to move the Emperor/Consul/Senator's pieces around the squares if you 've constructed the Emperor Loge earlier on. There are some Star Performers too that will boost your spectators level if you've collected more than 3 of the same kind.

The end game scores for all of us.

ET's colosseum with 2 Arena Expansions, 1 Emperor Loge & 1 Podium.

My colosseum with 2 Arena Expansions, 1 Emperor Loge, 1 Season Ticket & 2 Podiums.

Max's colosseum with 2 Arena Expansions, 1 Emperor Loge & 1 Podium.

The board at end game.


  1. Hmm, cool. I haven't heard of this game before. I was wondering if there was a board game with a theme something like Rollercoaster Tycoon or Theme Park Manager on the PC. This seems to come close even if you're staging a spectacle instead of managing a park.

  2. This is a fun to play light strategy game. balance between luck and strategy.