Date: 11-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: Me & ET played 2 games of "Ingenious" when we arrived at Mage Cafe while waiting for Max to finish his RPG session with his friends. I've learned the rules through a video on the internet a few days ago, it was very easy to pick up. I roughly go through the rules sheet that was come inside the box and we start playing it. In the end, I won both games.

End game scores:
First game - Me (10 pts) def ET (7 pts)
Second game - Me (11 pts) def ET (10 pts)

The game started.

My end game result, with 10 pts.

ET's end game result - 7 pts.

The board at the end game.

Second round started!

My end game score - 11 pts.

ET's end game score - 10 pts.

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