Shadows over Camelot

Date: 27-06-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: Phang left after 2 games and Suki join us for the third game. Max join us for the fourth game, a 4P game. Both third and fourth game are played with the Traitor mechanic and it was a blast to us, we enjoy the game so much by accusing the others. In the end, we lose both third and fourth game, which the fourth game is the most controversial game we've played so far. 6 white and black swords were on the table at the end game and the traitor (Max) reveal himself at last and turn 2 white swords into black which makes the Heroes lose. Damn! We just didn't expect Max is the traitor, he covered himself so well during the game. By the way, Suki was the traitor at our third game, which I caught him very soon as he used his King Arthur's special power to exchange an useless "Grail" white card with me. By that time, the Grail Quest are already done and I needed a Fight Card to fight the Siege Engine at Camelot. In the end, we enjoyed the game so much with the Traitor mechanic in play, it was just plain fun. The session will be happening very soon, as soon the World Cup 2010 is over.

End game scores: Traitor def Players in both game

My white knight.

ET's green knight, Sir Gawain.

King Arthur is the traitor!

Fighting Siege Engines at the Camelot.

Grail quest in play.

Me checking out the black card during the Progression of Evil phase.

Max the traitor.

Suki, traitor of our the third game.

ET with the sad face while checking out her white cards on hand.

Alert! Saxon approaching at the beach!

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