Date: 04-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: We played the game for second time and this time played it right except one rule was played wrong (again?!), we didn't distribute 1 colonist card to the player who failed to colonize a new land. Most of that we done right. Arthur left for a dinner, ET don't want another round and Max join us for a 3 players game. Tiles Auctions happened this time and it was quite cut-throat and fun to do that. Again, this game finish within 90 minutes and it was fun all the way. It was a close game, only 2 points separate the players end game scores standings. This is a easy game to teach to new players if they are a casual gamers. They can't pick it up real soon if they concentrate on what's going on around. There were too many things happening in the game, non-gamers will surely having headache when they first attempt to try this. I quite like this game 'cos its strategic gameplay and low luck element. Randomness of the tiles placement and Expeditions card draw don't really affect the gameplay, you have to manage all resources and crisis well, keep all in balance and you will not stuck in the last place.

End game scores: Ryan (winner) - 40pts , me - 38 pts & Max - 36 pts

Max pick it up very fast after the second phase of the game, when "B" tiles are played.

Flag & Tiles Auctions happening.

My plantations and colonies board.

My developments board in the mid game.

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