Nexus Ops

Date: 11-07-2010

Venue: Old Town Kopitiam @ Wangsa Maju

Description: After a 3 players "Power Grid" game, me and Adam played a 2 players "Nexus Ops" game. Adam used blue pieces and me with red pieces. The game takes time around 30 minutes when Adam succeeded reaches his 12 mission points. "Nexus Ops" is an OK light Sci-Fi wargame to me, it's simple rules and gameplay are the shining point, but it felt into boredom after several plays. I bought this game few months ago 'cos I know it's out of print and surprisingly with a 50% discount for it. The time is around 2am and we pack up everything and wait for the exciting moment of the day - 2010 World Cup Final! Holland vs. Spain (my favorite team)! Anyway, BRAVO to all the Spanish players, you all deserved it! Especially Iker Casillas and Paul the Octopus.

End game scores:
Adam (winner) - 12 mission pts
Me - 5 mission pts

Adam with blue pieces and me with red pieces.

All the cards that needed for the game.

This is the battleground! Everyone rushed for resources and blood.

Adam's victory trophies.


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