Date: 11-07-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: Max still haven't finish his RPG session after we finished 2 games of "Ingenious", then we decided to play "Blokus". A 2 players game of "Blokus"? I don't know, this is just not fun and interesting at all, or perhaps we play it wrong. I've learned how to play this through a video on internet too. Maybe there is some restriction or special rules for a 2 players game, but I just can't find the rule book inside the box, it was gone. Both of us had placed down all our pieces on the board, so who win?

End game scores: Me or ET? Who is the winner?

Did we played it wrong? I saw 2-4 players on the box, so this can be play by 2 players then.

P/S: I'd just read the rules from BGG, it seems like we have to use all 4 colors tiles to play, so we played it wrong :)

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