Games Trading Out

During Urbanscape 2010 that happened at KLPac. Me and Mak set up a stall there and selling our stuff. Mak selling his own label CDs (Soundscape Records) & I'm selling my used CDs collection and board games. I've sold 4 copies of board games, which I don't really play any more or don't quite like it. Here is the list:

This is my birthday present a few years ago, and I'd only play it once or twice. This Monopoly is cool becos of the Simpsons, and that's all. The rest is the same as other Monopoly games.

My friend help my purchase this game a while ago 'cos found it in a warehouse sale and it was real cheap. Eventually it is a fake edition or pirated game. The game is still the same as any Monopoly games out there except they added a new "Jedi Force Power" on the dice rolled result. Played it once.

Yes, another fake pirated version which my friend help me bought it. I haven't play this yet and it's brand new actually. In the end, it sold to a Malay girl at KLPac.

By far the best Zombie theme board game out there that you can get. You must be wondering why I sell it. I quite like this game, it's fun to play with, if with the right group. I've played this game for like 6 or 7 times, it was fun at first and it turns out quite boring after a few plays becos of its high luck based dice rolling element. This is a great gateway game to introduce to non-gamers but not fun any more for my gaming group. That's why I'm trading it out.

I still have some other games that I really want to trade out, so I can get new games from the money I get. Sadly no one interested in those. These are:

1. Arkham Horror (WHO WANTS IT?!)
I played this game couple of times, solo or with 3 - 4 players and I hate this game. I bought this game becos I thought it was cool and its BGG ranking is quite high, so I went for it. In the end, I just wish someone wants it from me.

Again, I was attracted by all those miniatures in the box, what a bargain that comes with the game. This game is OK to me even though it's high luck based element, but it's a fantasy theme game! A World of Warcraft! None of my friends enjoy this game becos it was a drag of time, 4P game for like 4 - 5 hours? That's too long. It's been a while this game is hiding somewhere at a corner of my house and it won't be on the table again I guess.

3. RoboRally (WHO WANTS IT?!)
Again, high BGG ranking. A true family friendly theme game, just not suit my gaming group style. It's kinda boring game actually. This is an out-of-print Avalon Hill Games.

4. Monopoly City (WHO WANTS IT?!)
I used to be a Monopoly Games collector before I really step my foot into all other great games out there, especially Euro Designer's Games. This new 3D version sure will be in my collection. In the end, it is still Monopoly. I hate Monopoly!

5. Monopoly: Boutique Edition (WHO WANTS IT?!)
No need to say much. I hate Monopoly!

6. Monopoly: Deluxe Edition (WHO WANTS IT?!)
Again, I hate Monopoly!!!

7. Nexus Ops (WHO WANTS IT?!)
This is a great game! A light weight gateway war game. In the end it just too light for us. This is an out-of-print Avalon Hill Games.

Finally, here are some pictures of what's happened that day:

Lots of people hanging around at the Market Place.

Here is me & Mak's booth.

A view from inside the booth.

Closer look of my products.


  1. For what it's worth, I feel the same way about Arkham Horror. It was one of my first purchases but I ended up hating it and the local retailer I bought me from was kind enough to offer to take it back in exchange for his used copy of Agricola, which is currently my favourite game.

    I was sold on to Arkham Horror from his high ranking on BGG like you and also from rave reviews by American friends on another online forum. Now I understand why these games need to be called Ameritrash.

    Personally, if someone would implement Arkham Horror on a PC that handles all of the complicated upkeep, I'd be all over it. But as it is, while I can see myself playing the boardgame if there's an enthusiastic veteran around to guide the group, I can't ever see myself leading a group or teaching it to newbies again.

  2. Arkham Horror on a PC game, that would be nice, just not on a board game. U r so lucky that u can exchange it for Agricola.