Date: 06-06-2010

Venue: OTK Uptown

Description: Me, Phang, Adam & Suki gathered around for a 4 players Dominion session. We had play 4 games within 3 hours. Suki is new to this game, so we have to teach him, but he pick up fairly quick and even know how to build up his deck and use all the Action-Attack cards to hurt us. Suki managed to win 1 round at the very last game. Phang was the only one that loses all games that night. I can't really remember all the actual scores of all 4 games, but I can list out who's winning the game.

End game scores:
1st game winner - ME!
2nd game winner - ME again!
3rd game winner - Adam
4th game winner - Suki

Suki quite enjoy the game, but he still think that Dominion is too much luck involve.

The worst part of the game, separating all cards after a game.

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