Pandemic + On the Brink

Date: 09-06-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

1. First game - Played a 2 players game with Phang, using 5 Epidemic cards. Me as the Medic and Phang as the Archivist (On the Brink expansion's role). No purple disease in play. We succeed to cure 2 diseases but lose to the Outbreaks within 20 minutes.
2. Second game - Adam came and join us as the 3rd player with the role of Generalist (On the Brink expansion's role), still again with no purple disease in play. Me and Phang used our previous roles, everything else unchanged. This time, we plan ahead and take every action carefully. We won! But play it wrongly 'cos we thought everyone has the power of the Researcher (You may give a player cards from your hand for 1 action per card / Both of your pawns must be in the same city, but it doesn't matter which city you are in). That's why we could win this easily. Shame on us didn't check out the rules earlier. We will definately play it right next time.

End game scores:
1. First game - The game defeated the players.
2. Second game - The players defeated the game (cheated unintended).

Succeeded cure the 1st disease (red / H1N1?).

Game end! All 4 diseases cured! We won!

The board at game end.

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