What I Think about Space Hulk (3rd Edition)

Space Hulk, a Warhammer 40K universe themed 2-players game that was published by Games Workshop. My first get-to-know-him was through Board Game Geek. I was impressed by the pictures that was posted in the picture gallery by the users. The toys that came with the box are just telling me "YOU MUST BUY ME!!!". And then, I did.

It is an Ameritrash game, but it's from UK, strange isn't it. Nevermind this topic, straight to the game. I never regret I bought this 3rd edition, it was a gift to me, for a life time. With the thickest board and insanely detail miniatures, it worth all the money you paid.

I spend 1 hour to assembly all the figurines and felt the sense of accomplishment deep inside my heart, and just can't wait to play it with a friend.

Finally I got the chance to try it out. Done scenario 1 & 2, done being the Genestealers & Terminators. And I love this game! Even the combat result were purely depends on the lucky roll of dice (normally I hate Dice Rolling combat system). Yes, it is a game that depend on luck when it comes to combat. But who cares! Look at all those superb finishing of the miniatures! Check out the awesome arts on the thick boards! Nevermind the dice roll. I can accept it.

Too bad I don't have a big table that I can set up the game, I have to play it on the floor every time. Too bad I can't carry it around to play with friends 'coz it's too heavy to do so. Too bad I can't bring out to gaming night all the time 'coz it's only for 2 players.

Teaching this to any hard-core or casual gamers would be easy. Its simple to pick up gameplay & rules really help a lot which it doesn't mean there is no strategic play or hard decisions to make (not that deep if compare with other euro games).

The theme of the game is really strong in Space Hulk, you could end up breathless, especially as the Terminators player. You feel hopeless when your last sergeant have to face a swarm of Genestealers slowly approaching through the tight corridors. Some lucky dice rolls could make you jump up to celebrate for it.

Final word, it's out of print becoz it's a limited edition game. Buy this if you see this on the shelf of your LFGS. Buy this if its price is not over $100. It worth every penny you spend.

Look at all those stuff that came with box! Amazing isn't it?

- Top notch production quality
- Easy to learn rules
- Theme suits gameplay
- You get to assembly and paint the figurines (optional)

- Expensive
- Too bad you can't have it. It's a limited edition.
- Need a large table to play with
- You have to assembly and paint the figurines (optional)

My BGG rating: 8/10

Large table needed, or just play it on the floor.

What my friend think about it:
Adam: Wow! Nice miniatures you got there.
Beh: I like games with not lots of text in it.
Max: You thought you're the only one who got it? I got it too.

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