Date: 20-06-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: Arthur came and join us for a 4 players game. We try this 4P game with 6 epidemic cards and it turns out 4 of it appear as the game starts. I'm the last player to take action, and when it's about to be my turn, the game ends and we lose. What?! That was fast, like only last less than 10 minutes? 8 outbreaks with a lot of chain reactions within 2 turns.

Well, we play another 4P game again. This time, with only 5 Epidemic Cards in play and we go with a win. Arthur ans I decided to go holiday before the game ends with a win. I spent my air ticket and fly to Tokyo and Arthur spent his air ticket and fly to Manila. Max and Phang have to take care of the rest 'cos they got the final 2 cures.

End game scores:
1st 4P game - Game def Players
2nd 4P game - Player def Game

4 Epidemic Cards appear at the start of the game! Toasted!

The moment before the world fall into darkness...

Me (light brown) and Arthur (green) fly to Tokyo and Manila for holiday.

2 more cures to be discover and Phang and Max done it within 2 turns.

The savior of the world.

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