What I Think about Monopoly Deal Card Game

Yes. I shouldn't be talking about any Monopoly games here, especially the blog title named Monopoly Killer. As you can see, I grow up with Monopoly, I had 6 different set of Monopoly games and one of this card game with me currently, but I will never play them again, except in some strange or force situation.

I talk about this card game is because of its really different than the usual Monopoly gameplay and its gameplay is really cut-throat in some way. Not just because it's just a card game, its gameplay is totally different than the old Monopoly too. No auctions, no roll and move, no going to jail and of 'cos not a single bad roll that ruin everything. It's a Set Collection + Hand Drafting game, but in a family friendly and lighter flavor.

It borrow the theme from Monopoly and no dice involve, that's a good news. The game is simple enough for anyone to pick up within 5 minutes, yet strategic to play with (for the first 2 rounds), but you will leave it on the shelf soon enough. It's not deep enough for hard-core gamers to dig in, simple tactics and heavy luck on the card draw will bored you soon enough.

House rules might change the atmosphere of the gameplay, especially if you leave out the chaotic and over-power spoiler cards (Deal Breaker) out of the game.Play this with your kids or any non-gamers will slowly lure them into this gaming hobby. It's a great gateway card game for them.

The best thing in Monopoly Deal is the playing time, short! 10-20 minutes, what a great filler game while waiting for others to come for the real gaming session. You can even play this during your lunch hour or on the small table at the cafe. It came within a small card board box, easy to carry around. The box contain one sheet of good explanation rules and 100+ standard quality cards.

There is tons of other card games similar to this and even better than this, so why bother picking this up? It's cheap! You don't even need to sleeves it 'cos it's so cheap. If the cards are ever wear off, just trash it and buy a new one.

The over-power DEAL BREAKER cards.

- Short and ideal play time
- Easy to pick up rules
- Easy to carry around
- A game that is for everyone
- Not the usual Monopoly game anymore except the title
- High player interaction
- Cut-throat

- Still with a lot of luck factor
- Not strategic enough
- A game that is not for everyone
- Cheap box storage
- Monopoly is the name of the game
- Some over-power cards can ruin the game
- Gets boring after a few plays

My BGG rating: 5/10

10-20 minutes gameplay is the winning point for Monopoly Deal.

What my friends think about it:
Phang: Still a lot of luck. Boring after a few plays.
ET: Me and my sister play this alot at home when we got nothing else better to do.
EM: I always beat my sister, so I love this game.
Beh: So cheap! I'll buy one.
Adam: Start off very nice, ends up on the shelf with dust.
Arthur: I carry it around everyday. Wanna play it now?
Jeremy: Too simple. I want challenge!
Kachat: It's Monopoly! I'm a Monopoly collector you know.

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