What I Think about Dominion

Keep on shuffling your cards during the course of the game, draw 5 cards and play it. What's the fun in it? That's what I first had in my mind after I finish watching all those video reviews ofDominion on YouTube.

But then I had a chance to try it out at one of the designer's board games cafe in town and felt in love with it. The Deck Building concept of Dominion is just brilliant! Pure genius I must say.

Donald X. Vaccarino used the old CCG Magic: The Gathering (I'd never played this and never will 'coz I'm no rich man's son) deck building idea and transformed it into this fine LCG. With Card Drafting & Hand Management as its engine, the game is just intriguing.

Over 500 cards came with the box, with 24 different Kingdom Cards to choose from (only use 10 for each game), the game will never be the same each time you play. This is what makes the game shine.

The fun fact in Dominion is how you decided the randomness of your card draw by building your own deck and of coz executing all the actions into combo(s) and extra buy(s). The game can be cut-throat, polite or tricky, you decides it. I prefer building up my opponent's card deck with curses.

The cards art are good in some and OK with some, the quality are in good shape but too much play will make it wear off quickly, that's why sleeve is a must. But after you have sleeves up all the cards, the problem come, the shuffling problem and the storage problem (default card holder that came with the box can't fit it all back in there). It just so hard to keep on shuffling during the whole game, cards can easily slips off from your hand. Anyway, the choice is yours, sleeves it for its protection or don't sleeves it for more easier handling. I had sleeves mine, how about you?

The game learning curve is one of the easiest ever, just 3 phases, A, B & C! Action, buy & clean up. Even a retarded can pick it up within 5 minutes. Some cards are filled with text, that only causing problem for the first timer. After a few rounds going on (approx 20-30 minutes per round), you can even play the game with your eyes covered, I mean you can ignore all those text 'coz you are already familiar with the card's action.

Easily set up the game, everyone sit down with the starting 10 cards (3 estates & 7 coppers) and you are ready for the amazing kingdom building experience, although the theme were fully ignored by the players all the time. And then painfully separating all the cards after a game. Nevermind all that pain (in the ass), let's just have FUN!

- High production quality
- Well organize component storage solution
- Easy to learn & play
- Light and balance between strategic & luck
- For all ages
- A good filler game between 20-30 minutes
- Addictive (exercise your hand with shuffling cards)
- Every game will not be the same with lots of cards combinations from the base set

- Cards' edges easily wear off after heavy play.
- Lots of card sleeves needed
- Not interesting with 2 players game
- Only support 4 players
- Low player interaction (sometimes not)
- Clean up after a game would be a pain in the ass
- Theme will be set aside during game play
- Addictive (ass feel sore after the game)

My BGG rating: 10/10

What my friends think about it:
Phang: This is genius. Another round? My butt will be sore later, but nevermind.
ET: I don't like the theme. Dry.
Adam: Witch! Ahahahahah!
Max: Is the LFGS still open? I wanna buy Intrigue later.
Jeremy: Wait! I'm thinking about my combos and extra buy now.
Arthur: Who the heck design this? Is he human?

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