What I Think about Ticket to Ride

I always hated train games, it's complicated & heavy, making me headache whenever I look at the board, lots of bits and a lot going on which I dunno what's really happening. Most of all, I hate the theme, it's just so dry and keep me away from it.

Hard learning curve is another problem of train games, but it's a very good for burning your brain. Those who love strategic & low luck factor will love train games, if they can accept the "Train" theme. But train game, nah, it's just not my cup of tea.

But Ticket to Ride totally change my point of view against train games. It's light, fast pace, strategic with some acceptable luck factor, light cut-throat level, sometimes tense & mostly fun! A true gateway train game for all ages. It makes me wanna get into those more involve train games. Of coz you can't compare Ticket to Ride with all those serious train games out there, it's 2 total different kind of game. But at least the theme is the same, building route for trains.

Okay, here's a intro of the designer. A 2 time Spiel des Jahres award winner, Gathering of Friends organizer, he is Alan Moon, the designer of Ticket to Ride. Ticket to Ride combined card drafting, set collection, route building & hand management mechanics very well.

It's so easy to learn and play. You can teach new player within 5 minutes, that's awesome. There is only 3 steps to remember when play, collect color train cards, select route ticket cards or building your train route on the board, and that's all for the game.

Well, after like 20+ plays, it's getting kinda boring actually. The strategy and other players' moves are predictable. It's a great filler game especially play this with non-gamers, they'll love it. Most of all, Ticket to Ride is way way way better than Monopoly.

One more thing, the cards in the base set are kinda small in sizes, but the Ticket to Ride USA 1910 expansion fix the problem. Anyway, it still playable with small size cards.

- High production quality
- Well organize component storage solution
- Nice cards & board artwork
- Easy to learn & play
- Light and balance between strategic & luck
- Better than Monopoly
- For all ages
- Fast pace, a game between 30-45 minutes
- Can be play with at most 5 players

- Gets boring after 20 or 30+ play
- Not interesting with 2 players game

My BGG rating: 8/10

What my friends think about it:
Phang: Too much luck, but it's way better than Monopoly. Gets boring easily.
ET: Fun! My non-gamer sister will sure like this.
Adam: It's kinda cut-throat actually, that's why I like it!
Suki: It's so childish, can I play some more involve game?
Max: It's just OK, not that I will buy this ASAP.

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