Date: 21-06-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: Suki, Max, ET & me having a 4P session of "Senji", a game by Bruno Cathala & Serge Laget, who design "Shadows over Camelot" too, which is a game I've been keen to play. "Senji" is a euro-ish light diplomacy war game that occur during the Japanese medieval clans war age, featuring samurais! That's cool! I like the diplomacy phase of the game which makes the game tense and fun to play with. "Senji" is a quite unbalance & medium-high luck based kind of war game, but were good enough to be balanced out by its Diplomacy Cards mechanics. This is the second time Max & me play "Senji", but for Suki & ET, it's their first time. I teach them the rules within 10 minutes and follow up all other details during the first 2 rounds. It's easy for them to pick up and they love it. It took us 100 minutes for the game set-up, rules teaching and playing the game. We had a good time playing this, it will be on the table soon enough whenever there is 4 or more players around. Perhaps "Shadows over Camelot" too.

End game scores:
Max (winner/hosting the Emperor most of the time) - 71pts
ET - 53pts
Suki - 43 (a true Samurai lover)
Me - 38 (can't pay attention to the game 'cos have to explain a lot & do all the game set-up & preparation)

Look at us playing, looks fun isn't it?

2 types of cards for Senji, Hanafuda (resources) Cards (left) & Diplomacy Cards for each clan/family (right).

9 Destiny Dice (D6) for the used to determine combat results, with the logo of each clan/family on it.

Summer Phase, the Emperor hosting player order other player to resolve their secretly deployed actions.

Battle ground! With Samurais!

My view and my reference sheet, markers & cards.

End game. Me (red) with 38pts, Suki (green) with 43.

ET (black) with 53pts.

Max won the game with 71pts.

The board at end game.

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