Pandemic + On the Brink

Date: 20-06-2010

Venue: Mage Cafe

Description: The 6th game of the night. A 4P game. With "On the Brink" expansion, play "Virulent Strain Challenge". 5 Epidemic Cards in play. Easy enough for us to win against the game when we got the best roles combo in play.

Containment Specialist + Dispatcher + Field Operative + Researcher.

Trust me, try this combo and with as many Epidemic Cards in play, you will still win the game easily. This is the weakness of Pandemic.

End game scores: Players def Game

Arthur and Phang making their moves.

Virulent Strain Challenge.

One of the most powerful role from base game if match with any role from "On the Brink" expansion.

Containment Specialist, the second most powerful role from "On the Brink" expansion. Field Operative is still the best.

Just the blue cure to be discover and the board is just fine even the cubes are everywhere.

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